Yaron Herman Workshop

The pianist Yaron Herman showed himself deep at the workshop.
To be true to yourself and be open and honest in your expression, he stressed the
Importance of being connected to the music and every note you play.
The strongest statement of his was that everything you have inside, including the things so personal that you can never even tell people about, are the true materials of art.
In the workshops sometimes we get new information about new musical technique, new insight about an ensemble playing,  or new approach to the improvisation. They are all precious and they all give people a fresh motivation. However all the art start inside of us. Inside so deep that we don’t even get to know yet.
No matter how foreign it is to us, by realizing the art comes from there, we will progress by a huge step.
Mr.Herman demonstrated with the most kind heart in this particular workshop and for sure the participants learned about music in a very deep level.

Jean-Michel Pilc Workshop

Another magnificent workshop was held by wonderful pianist, Jean-Michel Pilc. Mr.Pilc explained, demonstrated his ideas in music from the firm standpoint as an “improviser”. He sat on the piano, and just let fingers wander as his artistic intuition directs them, sometimes a fragment of jazz standards immerse or on other occasions, he stays in pure improvisation. Everything was created in that moment. This direct quote from Mr.Pilc, summarizes most of Mr.Pilc’s music, “Sometimes my fingers know better than I do” He also went on to explain that this concept of pure improvisation does not neglect what has been played in the past Jazz tradition such as Be-Bop. He absorbs every aspects in the tradition and go beyond them. The concept of improvisation. creating music in “the moment” we inherit from Miles Davies and many other Jazz legends, and to be able to witness and learn it from the musician of “now”, It is a treasure!!

Jonathan Barber Trio Workshop

It was another great clinic supported by Artist Green, this time with Mr. Jonathan Barber, Taber Gable, Joshua Crumbly.
The trio started with a standard piece, “My Shinning Hour” with a beautiful interpretation and creative subtlety.
Then followed a numerous of questions from the participants. The questions ranged from those artist’s personal musical experience, aspects in instrumental practice and to how the music (art) should be in the present society.
Those three wonderful musicians listened to every questions with great care and honesty, giving back an insightful answer and advise. This exchange of ideas about music, art and life surely motivated each one of the participants today.
This statement from this trio today pretty much summarize the clinic:
“Don’t let anyone stop you from persistent NG your dreams. The appreciation of the fact you are able to create music is worth be younf anything”

Daniel Freedman Trio Workshop

The significance of this particular workshop was the depth in which this trio demonstrated the aspects of music dealt with in the workshop.
Daniel Freedman started with the specifics of the drum tuning then moved onto the stylistic feature of the music and groove, pulled an example of Ragae music, explained how closely its originated to the swing groove. Then the trio played the Ragae, really played,  not just for the purpose of showing it as an example but really played. Then to answer the question from the participants regarding to the piano comping and the drum comping on the snare, Nir Felder, Tal Mashiach together with Daniel Freedman created a beautiful blues piece on the spot.
This is the whole point of the workshop, not just receiving the verbal explanation of some aspects in music but witnessing those  aspects being materialized in the improvised music format in real time!!
Please check out what Guitarist Ryo Ogihara, one of my best musical colleague, and other participants say to
this workshop!
Yuki Arimasa

Workshop Schedule- 1st Half of 2017

A sneak preview of the upcoming workshop events for the 1st half of 2017!

Though some minor schedule change might occur, we will be loaded by great lineup of hot artists this year!!


Daniel Freedman(drums)

Nir Felder(guitar)

Tal Mashiach(bass)

The guitar trio led by the drummer, Daniel Freeman with guitarist, Nir Felder. A great Japanese guitarist Ryo Ogihara may come by to have a guitar talk with Nir. We will soon post the details of this workshop.


Jonathan Barber(ds)

Taber Gable(p)

Joshua Crumbly(bass)

The talented young artists in their 20s will be conducting a workshop. Their fresh view to Jazz music and NY Jazz scene will make this workshop super inspiring. Let’s join the band wagon!!


Jean-Michel Pilc

Jeff Ballard and Chris Cheek

We are glad to announce that there will be 2 workshops both with superb artists in the month of June.

Jean-Michel Pilc, an extraordinary pianist, whose creativity is certainly the one and only! The pianists in any musical genre, Jazz, Classical or anyone interested in piano, harmony and improvisation are welcomed!!

The other workshop will be yet with other phenomenal artists, Jeff Ballard, Chris Cheek, and it won’t even stop there!! After July, incredible French-Israeli pianist, Yaron Herman’s workshop is being scheduled.

We will be posting the detailed info for each event.

Please join us at the workshop and share some music with those unbelievably talented artists!

It will surely be a GOOD YEAR!!

Yuki Arimasa

Artist Green, General Incorporated Association

Artist Green has been officially registered as a General Incorporated Association. This is a Japanese term of Government Registered Organization. The motivation behind this move was due to the fact that we  need to be Government Registered to apply for the grant, communicate with other organization, or make official proposals. We would always like to step forward to create a positive energy to the artist communities around the world. We hope we can build more stimulative and creative community together.

Yuki Arimasa

Sam Harris Trio Workshop


The Clinic by Sam Harris Trio, Body and Soul Jazz Club, Tokyo

Artist Green co-hosted the clinic by Sam Harris (p), Martin Nevin (B), Craig Weinrib (dr). The trio displayed, demonstrated the new way of dealing with the form and improvisation in Jazz music. Young musicians who pursue their careers in Jazz gathered and absorbed the trio’s mastery in interacting with true musical freedom.

samharris ws1

samharris ws2