Wa Meets Jazz Competition Description


WA-Meets-JAZZ (WMJ) is committed to help young artists to further develop their ability for the future career.
For this purpose, we will be holding Jazz Competition within the festival.
The applicants must present the main theme of this yearʼs festival, 五穀豊穣

(“Gokoku Houjou” = Rich Harvest) through music.
WA-Meets-JAZZ, as an exceptional culture/educational music festival, provides this unique opportunity for the young artists to present their ability in both music and Japanese culture.
After the initial screening process, 3 bands will be selected to perform on the WMJ 2018 main stage.
The Winner will be announced at the end of the festival.

Up to 3 Free Tickets for『Jazz At The Red Dot』 workshop in Singapore, in

Summer 2019, and 300.000 yen to cover the additional expenses to participate in this workshop.

『Jazz At The Red Dot』 is a Jazz Camp held by Jazz Asia in Singapore. The

exclusive faculties include, Rory Stuart, Aaron Goldberg, Greg Hutchinson, and Camila Meza. For detailed info about Jazz At The Red Dot is provided at http://www.jazz-asia.com


The festival’s main theme, 五穀豊穣 should be understood in applicant’s own way and be expressed in music.

[Age Restriction]
The applicants must be 29 years old or under. We accept application regardless of gender or the country of origin.
For the applicants under 18 years old, the guardians could submit the application on behalf of their spouse.

[Judging Process]
1) pre-screening
The emailed sound file will be pre-screened. The music must clearly represent applicant’s musical idea.

2) Performance on the main stage
The applicants must present their music on the main stage of Wa Meets Jazz festival on October 13th (Saturday). The length of the performance should be within 30min.

The votes from the audiences will be used as a reference.
The judges are the professional jazz artists who are performing for the final concert of Wa Meets Jazz.
Geila Zilkha (vo), Hisatsugu Suzuki (Tenor Sax), Yuki Arimasa (Piano), Shunya Wakai (Bass), Dairiki Hara (Drums)

[How to apply]
MP3 file with the length of 3 to 5 min with attached artist photo should be emailed at info@artistgreen.org
The winner will be notified via email in the beginning of October.

The application must be submitted by September 30th.
*The photo will be only used for the promotion of this competition.

If you have any questions regarding to this competition, please contact at info@artistgreen.org