Art of Listening

When you pluck the guitar strings, the air vibrates. This vibration is not a sound. When the membrane in the ear catch its vibration, the signal, then will be transmitted to the brain as a “sound”. This itself is amazing but we do more to the listening. We listen with an “imagination”!

We catch subtle texture of the sound, rhythm, and even the feel of the air, and those give us so much of an imagination and this whole thing affects our emotion.

Listening to Music is a True Art!

Under the current circumstances, our life is so limited. This, however, might be a chance for all of us, music lovers to think again of “ART OF LISTENING”. We might not be able to physically join together, but if we turn our full attention to “listening” and share the music, it will bring all us closer!

So, we created “What did you listen to today?” page. Let’s see what people are listening! Share some musical experience, and rediscover “ART OF LISTENING”!! This has become part of our One People Project.

You can check out the info on our One People Project Page.

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