One People Project

Artist Green has been involved with projects in many Asian countries as well as in Japan. We have met so many people who are so enthusiastic in creative music. Each country has their own things happening and they are all great!

Then we came up with this idea of connecting those projects in many countries together so we can sit around in one place and strive for the better communication and newer ideas.

There we came up with the idea of “One People Project”. We launched the first event, One People Project in Tokyo 2019 which ended with a great success. We are currently preparing for the future event.

Artist Caravan

Artist Caravan is a musical gathering with Asian Jazz performers.

In the past decade or so, from many Asian Countries, more and more great Jazz musicians have come out, Jazz Festivals have been taken place, better Jazz education has been developed in both academic and individual level.
In each Asian countries, they have much respectable music scene and its own creativity.

Every countries are doing great but what we don’t have is the means to connect those different music scenes together to make them one big Asian music scene expanding across the border.
Asian music scene united to become one huge market! This would surely give a positive energy for the future Jazz scene.

What is the possibilities?

By connecting each other, musicians will….
・have more opportunities and directions for each musician’s own promotion,
・be in touch with more Jazz lovers throughout the Asia,
・see what the musicians in other countries are doing and come up with new ideas

And by becoming “One Big Network” it will…
・introduce and attract more people into Jazz music
・help musicians and music lovers think of the future in Asian music scene, ・make much more versatile music available to the listeners

Why “Caravan”?

We are creating the music summit so performers from many countries gather, play together and introduce and promote each other.
This “Caravan” will go around the different Asian countries every year.
This Caravan will hopefully expand every year!!