Our Mission

At Artist Green, we believe there are always a new and better ways to create and appreciate an art,if artists join together commit themselves to strive for the new ideas.
In order to create a better artistic environment, it is essential to have a global and intergenerational view for the art world.
Even though there are tremendous amount of tools over the internet to connect people together, those who create an art and those who appreciate an art should actively look for the possibilities and step closer to  materialize the global art scene.
Through AG network, we envision to work in collaboration with artists, educators, and other global creative communities to promote the value of art, importance of artistic practices and creative processes, and the natural environment that art be created and appreciated.


Organization Name:

Artist Green, General Incorporated Association


Aug 10, 2016


Yuki Arimasa, Makina Kato

Project Manager:

Chiemi Yoshida

Our Staff:

Misaki Motofuji, Minori Suetsugi, Yuma Yamasaki

At Artist Green we strive  for the better artistic environment. By gathering  the new ideas from the artists in different countries in different generations, we will build the art community that is more appreciative, creative, and realistic so that artists can continue their professional work.
In order to raise the appreciation and the awareness of the art, we focus on the education for all age group, spanning
from  young children to the adult, non-professional and professional artists.
Our Policy:
Art should be the self expression of each individual, however the art community is materialized only through close communication between the artists. Green signifies the place for the artists to gather, therefore this Green is our foundation.
Activities :
We host the workshops both to public and professionals.
Also, our focus will be to sustain an live event and forums throughout Pan Asia as well as U.S. to broaden the perspective in the future possibilities in expanding the art world.


3-2-1-330, Kamiasao, Asao Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa, Japan 215-0021