Jean-Michel Pilc Workshop

Another magnificent workshop was held by wonderful pianist, Jean-Michel Pilc. Mr.Pilc explained, demonstrated his ideas in music from the firm standpoint as an “improviser”. He sat on the piano, and just let fingers wander as his artistic intuition directs them, sometimes a fragment of jazz standards immerse or on other occasions, he stays in pure improvisation. Everything was created in that moment. This direct quote from Mr.Pilc, summarizes most of Mr.Pilc’s music, “Sometimes my fingers know better than I do” He also went on to explain that this concept of pure improvisation does not neglect what has been played in the past Jazz tradition such as Be-Bop. He absorbs every aspects in the tradition and go beyond them. The concept of improvisation. creating music in “the moment” we inherit from Miles Davies and many other Jazz legends, and to be able to witness and learn it from the musician of “now”, It is a treasure!!