One People Project 2019 Event Details

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July 19th Donfan Otsuka 2:00pm start

July 20th Little Giants, Okusawa 2:00 start

July 21st Lydian, Awajicho 2:00 start

Artist Caravan :Performers

Us Natakit (sax), Thailand

Alton Wong (piano), Malaysia

Adriel Wong (drums), Malaysia

Chi-pin Hsiah (violin), Taiwan

Kai-ya Chang (piano), Taiwan

Arnando Putra (guit), Indonesia

Hatsumi Kashima (drums), Japan *Little Giant, 20th and Lydian, 21st

Junna Adachi (drums), Japan *Donfan, 19th

Shunya Wakai (bass), Japan *Donfan, 19th

Takumi Ito (bass), Japan, Little Giant, 20th, and Lydian, 21st

Yuki Arimasa (piano), Japan

Andrew Dickeson (drums), Australia *Lydian, 21st